1. SUPERGIRL (Linda Lee Danvers; born Kara Zor-El) our star, who else?
2. HAWKGIRL (Shiera Hall; born Shayera on the planet Thanagar - wife and partner of Hawkman.
3. THE THORN (Rose Forrestl) split personality; Rose doesn't know she's The Thorn. Appearing in Lois Lane.
4. TINA, the Platinum robot of the famed Metal Men. Their origin will be reprinted in the next Super-Spectacular.
5. ZATANNA THE MAGICIAN, daughter of Zatara, DC's master magician of the Golden Age. Both work spells by speaking words backwards. Recently in Adventure Comics.
6. BIG BARDA, Mr. Miracle's mighty female friend. She aided in his escape from the planet Apokolips and later, after becoming a soldier on that world, joined him on Earth.
7. BEAUTIFUL DREAMER. the feminine member of the Forever People. She comes from the planet New Genesis and can create illusions.
8. STAR SAPPHIRE (Carol Ferr|s) - was given pOWerS by alien women, but also compelled to fight Green Lantern, whom she loves. Forgot about being Star Sapphire after changing back to Carol.
9. LIBERTY BELLE (Libby Belle Lawrence) - Used her costumed identity to fight the Axis during World War II and crime afterwards. 
10. LILITH - the mysterious Teen Titans member who has telepathic powers. 
11. WONDER GIRL (Donna Troy) - an orphan raised by the Amazons on Wonder Woman's Paradise Island. Now a Teen Titans member.
12. MERRY, GIRL OF A THOUSAND GIMMICKS (Merry Pemberton) - adopted

sister of Sylvester Pemberton (The Star-Spangled Kid); after learning her brother's secret identity, Merry became The Gimmick Girl - and eventually took over the feature they had shared in Star Spangled Comics.
13. THE ENCHANTRESS (June Moone) - given magical powers by a mysterious, ancient being. 
14. DUMB BUNNY (Athena Tremor) - a member of The Inferior Five. She Was described as stronger than an ox - and almost as intelligent. But she had to be a super-heroine to carry on the tradition of her mother, Princess Power.
15. THE PHANTOM LADY (Sandra Knight) - a senator's daughter. Her chief gimmick - not used in this issue's story - was a black light ray which could blind any adversary.
16. THE CHEETAH (Priscilla Rich) - Wonder Woman's arch-enemy in bygone years.
17. THE HARLEQUIN (Mol|y Maynne) - for some time, she was the Golden Age Green Lantern's foe, until he learned she was really a police undercover agent. Although she worked with GL's other identity, Alan Scot, Molly did not know his secret identity, nor he hers. You'll see her in the May World's Finest Comics.
18. BATGIRL (Barbara Gordon) - daughter of Police Comissioner Gordon of Gotham City; she appears every month in Detective Comics.
19. THE BLACK CANARY (Dinah Drake Lance) - after the death of her husband, Larry Lance, Dinah left her home on Earth-2, where she was a member of the Justice Society. and came to Earth-1, where she joined the Justice League of America. You can see her soon in Adventure Comics; and frequently in Green Lantern.
20. WONDER WOMAN (Diana Prince) - originally a powerful Amazon princess, Diana has since lost her powers, but continues to fight evil in her own magazine.