AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #13 Comical Comics Issue

Volume 3, Number 13, October 1976

Cover: Various DC characters (the PLOP! Gang, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Bat-Mite, Woozy Winks, Sugar & Spike, etc.) run amok on this "incredible unpredictable" cover by Sergio Aragones - Inside Cover: Inside Amazing World (editorial by Paul Levitz) - Back Cover: Four-armed sport star by Wally Wood.

Table of Contents

These Pages Are Being Hijacked, by E. Nelson Bridwell - Page 2
Bridwell interviews various DC sprites and other comic relief characters, such as Mr. Mxyzptlk and Mr. Mxyzptlk, Miss Gzptlsnz, Bat-Mite, Quisp, Maya, Woozy Winks, etc.

The Martian Chronicles: Chapter Three In The Continuing Guide To Confusing Continuity, by Mark Gruenwald - Page 7
Gruenwald tries to sort out J'onn J'onnz's continuity glitches.

The Real Square History Of The Bizarro World, by Jack C. Harris - Page 10
Includes a checklist of all the major Bizarro stories.

The War Between The Fox And The Crow, by Mark Evanier - Page 13
Profiles the long-running funny animal strip, including a short 12-panel sequence.

Lo, There Shall Come A Plop! Upon The Land, by Paul Levitz - Page 16
Chronicles the genesis of Plop!

Jonah Hex, by John Albano and Tony DeZuniga - Page 17
An unpublished four-page parody of Jonah Hex, by the series' creators, originally prepared for Plop!

The Gnark Is Coming, by Steve Skeates, Steve Ditko and Wally Wood -- Page 21
Another unpublished Plop! story.

DC Super-Stars Of Celluloid, by Anthony Tollin - Page 25
Photo feature of various movie serials based on comic stars, such as Captain Marvel, Spy-Smasher, Batman & Robin, Hop Harrigan, Vigilante, Congo Bill, Superman and Blackhawk.

Short Circuits, by Michael Uslan - Page 28
Parody of the Direct Currents feature, including a look at such upcoming titles as The Encyclopedia Of DC's Biggest Turkeys, Weird Romance, Kung Fu Deli and Slaw The Uneatable.

Wonder Woman: The Complete Story, by Michael L. Fleisher - Page 32
Excerpt from Fleisher's Wonder Woman Encyclopedia, focusing on "The Woman Herself (as Wonder Woman)".

The Legion Outpost, by Jack C. Harris - Page 36
Cut-away look at the Legion Cruiser, and a scale model built by a fan.

Direct Currents, by Paul Levitz and Bob Rozakis - Page 39
Previews DC's upcoming "Dollar Comics" line, Black Lightning and Jonah Hex.

Inside The Amazing World, by Bob Rozakis - Page 46
Profiles the various AWODCC staffers, including Paul Levitz, Carl Gafford, Anthony Tollin, John Workman, E. Nelson Bridwell, Jack C. Harris, Bob Rozakis, Steve Mitchell and Shelly Eiber.

Scrapbook: Sugar & Spike, by Shelly Mayer - Page 48
Two one-page Sugar & Spike quickies.