Volume 3, Number 11 - March/April 1976

Cover: Dick Dillin -- Various super-villains pushing out the superheroes. (Cover was first used for Giant C44?) - Inside Cover: Super Villains Then and Now, by Jack C. Harris -- A look at Luthor, Star Sapphire and the Joker over the years - Back Cover: A reproduction of the cover of All Star 37, "The Injustice Society of the World" - Inside Back Cover: An 8 panel recap of the original Solomon Grundy/Green Lantern tale, by Alfred Bester.

Table of Contents

The Wrong Arm of the Law, by Michael Uslan - Page 2
A look at heroes who operate on the edge (or outside) the law.  The list includes early Superman and Batman, The Hawk and Dove, and the Creeper.  Plastic Man is noted for his secret identity as a gangster.

Those Who Worship Evil's Might, by E. Nelson Bridwell and Anthony Tollin. - Page 6
A humorous interview with Sinestro taken from the "Qwardian Journal of Evil" (A Rupert Murdoch publication no doubt).

The Amazing World of Letters - Page 9
A Bob Rodi letter!

Direct Currents, by Bob Rozakis and Paul Levitz - Page 11
Carmine's "retirement" and Jeanette Kahn's ascension are discussed first followed, by the usual listings.  Nothing too exciting except for the Giant comics C46 (JLA) C47 (Superman Salutes the Bicentennial) C49 (Legion shown here as C47 oddly enough).  Also strange is that there is no mention of C48, Superman vs. The Flash (one of the first giants I owned).

House Ad for Amazing World of DC Comics (back issues and next months sci-fi issue guest-featuring the LSH) and the then just published "Secret Origins of the DC Superheroes" - Page 21

The Curious Case of the Changing Criminal Club, by Paul Levitz - Page 22
An intro to the next feature which is....

"Beware the Brotherhood of Crime", by Gerry Conway, Ric Estrada and Pablo Marcos - Page 23
A full 18 page black-and-white reproduction of an unused version for Secret Society of Super Villains #1!

How A Comic Book Is Created, by David Michelinie - Page 41
The Birth of a Villain - Michelinie outlines the process for inventing a villain using one he created for the Phantom stranger as an example.

Lowdown on the Lunar Lawbreaker, by Carl Gafford - Page 44
A history of Eclipso.

Remembering with Dick Dillin, by Jack C. Harris - Page 46
Dick Dillin looks back at the JLA, the Blackhawks, and some other favorites.