Volume 3, Number 10, January 1976

Cover: Murphy Anderson mixing with the magic of photography to conjure an image of the super-heroes (Superman, Flash, Green Lantern) taking over DC's production department (Jack Adler is saying to Sol Harrison, "They work great, Sol, but what happens when they discover this isn't Justice League headquarters?") - Inside Cover: Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin from their TV debut "10 years ago this month" (i.e., January 1966) - Back Cover: The cover of Movie Comics #5 from 1939 - Inside Back Cover: Lyle Waggoner as Steve Trevor and Lynda Carter as the Amazon Princess from "The New, Original Wonder Woman".

Table of Contents

Sol Harrison And Jack Adler: Scene Makers Behind The Scenes, by Carl Gafford - Page 2
Long interview with Harrison, DC's VP of operations, and Adler, DC's production manager; includes photos from the early days of their careers.

Sidebar # 1: Sol Harrison And The Camp With Two Names
Harrison's work with the New York Association for Brain Injured Children's Research and Study Center, also known as Camp Harrison.

Sidebar # 2: The Mis-Inventions Of Jack Adler
Focusing on Adler's work on 3-D comics.

There's No Cases Like Showcases, by Jack C. Harris - Page 14
A look at all the series and one-shots that ran in Showcase, broken down into three groups: the losers (e.g., Cave Carson, B'wana Beast), the winners (e.g., Flash, Lois Lane, Green Lantern) and the feature players (e.g., Enemy Ace, Adam Strange); includes an unpublished cover of Kirby's New Gods as an issue of Showcase.

Amazing World Of Letters, by Paul Levitz and Bob Rozakis - Page 22 

Center Spread: Green Lantern - Page 24
Gil Kane's cover to Green Lantern #8, inked in tones by Jack Adler.

That Was No Super-Hero, That Was My Little Brother, by Jack C. Harris - Page 26
Photos of fans dressed up as Legionnaires and Man-Bat.

Chuckin' It, by Bob Rozakis - Page 28
Rozakis tells how he foiled a real-life robbery, a la Robin the Boy Wonder (the feature he was scripting at the time).

Direct Currents, by Paul Levitz and Bob Rozakis - Page 29
New titles in the works include Musketeers, Starfire, Ragman and revivals of Mister Miracle and Green Lantern/Green Arrow; also, David Anthony Kraft joins the DC writing staff.

Through The Wringer, by David V. Reed and Ramona Fradon --- Page 38
Six-page story, possibly intended for Plop!

How A Comic Is Created, by Carl Gafford - Page 44
Lettering and the final steps of production are discussed; includes a three-step look at the preparation of the cover of Freedom Fighters #2.

Crime Machines, by John Costanza - Page 47
Two-page story, possibly intended for Plop!

Also in this issue: pages 20-21, a two-page ad for the Super DC Con '76, including membership and advertising rates, as well as hotel information.