Volume 2 Number 9 – November-December, 1975

Cover: Unused Dave Cockrum cover from 1973 – Inside Cover: “This issue, we’re turning the Amazing World of DC Comics over to the Legion fans in our audience, for a cover-to-cover fact file on everything you ever wanted to know about our teen super-group.  The regular AWODCC features, including Direct Currents, can be found in a special pull-out section following page 16” (following this text is the Table of Contents, titled THE LEGION HANDBOOK, by Neal Pozner, Guest Editor - word is that the illustrations are his, as well) – Back Cover:  Figure Model Sheets for the Legion by Curt Swan, circa 1963 – Inside Back Cover:  Legion Cover Gallery.

Center Spread: The Wedding of Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel by Dave Cockrum!

Table of Contents

The Legion Checklist – Page 1
All of the Legion appearances you could possibly want to look up!

The Legion of Super Heroes – Page 7
Title Page to the following several articles – Adventure #300 featured.

The Clubhouse(s) – Page 8
History & Description of Legion Headquarters

Equipment – Page 8
Ships, Jet-Packs, Anti-Gravity Belts, Flight Rings, Alert Systems, you name it.

The Legion Constitution – Page 8
An attempt to cobble together the whole of the constitution – “Where possible, the actual Constitution will be quoted”.

Legion Policies – Page 9
Dealing with Legion Rejects, Rededication, On-Call, Interlac, etc.

The Legionnaires – Page 10
Exhaustive list of the then-current members of the Legion, as well as honorary & reservists, expelled and deceased members.  All members are listed, along with some history & their powers, etc.

Legion Allies – Page 25
List of some of the then-current allies of the Legion.  The Heroes of Lallor when they were known as the Legion of Super-Outlaws, Dev-Em, the Substitutes, Super-Pets and Wanderers.  Some histories and each individual is listed.

Legion Enemies – Page 27
List of the then-current enemies of the Legion.   Some histories and each individual is listed.

Thirtieth Century Earth – Page 28
One-page article that is rather Terran-centric…

Living in the Thirtieth Century – Page 29
A single title page leading to the next two articles.  A  picture of Adventure #355 is featured center.

Time Travel – Page 30
Short article regarding the history of Time Travel, up to the “current” methods employed in the 30th Century.

Extraterrestrial Bodies of the Thirtieth Century – Page 30
Exhaustive list of all of the planets mentioned in Legion stories.  Small remarks about each planet, i.e.: “Daxam: Be expecially careful not to bring any lead to this planet, as it can cause irreparable damage to all its inhabitants.  Similar to ancient Krypton in size, sin and culture, biophysics is the major concern of scientists on this planet.” or “Shwar:  Home of Fire Lad”.

Direct Currents – Page 16
December/January coming attractions

Amazing World of Letters, by Bob Rozakis – Page 17
Letters, letters, letters and none by any names that were immediately recognizable.

Ad for Super DC Con ’76 - Page 19
Huge build-up in this full page ad along with registration, prices, etc.

How a Comic is “Un” Created, by Jack C. Harris - Page 20
Short essay on the problems associated with creating comics – in this instance, what happened when the 100 Pagers were discontinued and they had to re-slate the lead story and other stories to combine for the appropriate page count.