Volume 2, Number 6, May-June 1975

Cover: The multi-faceted (and faced) Joe Orlando in a self portrait - Inside Cover: A swamp creature drawn by Berni Wrightson two years before the first Swamp Thing story - Back Cover: An unused House Of Mystery cover by Alex Toth.

Table of Contents

The Many Worlds Of Joe Orlando, by Paul Levitz - Page 2
Long interview/career retrospective of Orlando, including caricatures by Guy Fraumeni, Sergio Aragones, Wally Wood and Dave Manak, plus artwork Orlando did for other publishers, such as a cover for Newsweek.

Comic Book McFiend, by Don Ewing and Dave Manak - Page 14
Unpublished Plop! story titled "The Collector".

Chuckin' It, by Michael Uslan - Page 20
Subtitled "How To Have Fun Writing A Comic Book," focusing on Uslan's experiences writing Beowulf.

Beginnings, by Jack C. Harris - Page 21
Brief looks at the first issues of House Of Mystery, Tales Of The Unexpected and House Of Secrets.

Swamp Thing Center Spread, by Nestor Redondo - Page 24
Rejected version of the cover of Swamp Thing #15.

Amazing World Of Letters, by Bob Rozakis - Page 26

Judgment Day, by William M. Gaines, Al Feldstein & Joe Orlando - Page 28
Reprint from EC's Weird Fantasy #18.

Direct Currents, by Paul Levitz and Bob Rozakis - Page 35
Gerry Conway comes to DC, while Jack Kirby departs; sneak previews of The Power Of Hercules (later changed to Hercules Unbound), Man-Bat, Blackhawk, All-Star Comics, Blitzkrieg, Batman Family, Super-Team Family, Code Name: Assassin and The Freedom Fighters.

How A Comic Is Created (Part III), by Anthony Tollin - Page 46
How an artist interprets a script, with examples by Alex Toth, Dick Giordano and Mike Grell.

Cain And Abel, by John Albano and Mike Kaluta - Inside Back Cover
Gag page.