Volume 3, Special Edition No. 1 - February 1976

Note:  This book measures 5 ½" x 8 ¼"

Cover:  Under the usual Amazing World of DC Comics logo is a red band with "SPECIAL EDITION NO. 1" in bold black lettering which is above a drawing of Superman, seen from the waist up, his "S" shield bursting through while shedding his Clark Kent shirt to reveal his Superman uniform underneath.  This is inside a circle that has lettering in a band around the outside that reads: "Celebrating the Super DC Con ’76" above, and "Feb. 27, 28, 29 Hotel Commodore  N.Y.” surrounding the rest of the circle.

Inside Cover:  A B&W drawing with spot red coloring of Superman shaking hands with a Hostess Twinkie sporting a cowboy hat, scarf, gloves, boots and holding a rope in his other hand.  Twinkie the Kid is saying "Happy Birthday, Superman!" while Superman is saying, "Yaahooo!"  [No, I am not making this up!] - Inside Back Cover:  A Mego Crop. ad with a B&W  Neal Adams drawing of Superman running forward, with spot red coloring.

Back Cover:  Happy Birthday Superman from World Color Press with a Curt Swan/George Klein drawing of Superman flying, holding a globe that I assume is the World Color Press logo.

Page 1 contains a reproduction of the cover drawing with the words: "Welcome to the DC Super Con ‘76".   Page 2 lists the people responsible for putting the Con together under the headings:  Chairmen, Managers, Treasurer, Publicity, Events and Exhibits, Registration, and Security.

Table of Contents - Page 3.

Welcome - Page 4
A welcome message from the DC staff describing the guests, events, exhibits, art gallery, and films provided at the convention.

DC Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, by Anthony Tollin - Page 6
Describes the history of the company now known as DC comics.  Several photos and illustrations accompany the article, including a full-page photo of Max Gaines blowing up a balloon with a print of Superman on it.  The text below reads, " Max Gaines celebrates Superman Day at the 1939 New York World’s Fair."

Interview with Two Supermen, by E. Nelson Bridwell - Page 13
E. Nelson Bridwell interviews the Supermen of Earth-1 and Earth-2! 

Super-Artists - Page 18
Sample illustrations of Superman by his "best known" artists:  Joe Shuster, Dick Sprang, Al Plastino, Wayne Boring, Jim Mooney, Kurt Schaffenberger, Nick Cardy, Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson, Neal Adams, Ross Andru & Dick Giordano, and Dick Dillin & Joe Giella.

Happy Anniversary, Hero, by Carl Gafford and Franklin W. Maynard - Page 23
An article that covers anniversaries observed by various DC heroes, such as the one Kal-El and Kara (Supergirl) observe on the day of Krypton’s destruction, and the one observed for the first time that Adam Strange was transported 25-trillion miles to the planet Rann.

Siegel, Shuster & Superman, by E. Nelson Bridwell - Page 27
The history of Siegel and Shuster’s development of Superman and how he wound up being published by DC, etc.  Brief mention of their other contributions to DC Comics, that Siegel and Shuster are the special guests of this first Super DC Con, and that they were the first recipients of the Academy of Comic Book Arts Hall of Fame award.

Superman:  1940s  "How Superman Would End the War," by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster - Page 30
A reprint of the two-page story published in Look magazine.

Super-Heroes in Miniature, by Fred Schneider - Page 32
Fred discusses how he took existing Aurora models and converted them to models of other DC heroes not available.  A number of pictures of his completed models accompany the article.

Con Program - Page 36

Comic Collecting:  Hints for a New Hobbyist, by Paul Kupperberg  - Page 38
"For those of you readers who are new to the world of comic conventions and comic fandom…" Page 36 has an illustration by Infantino of a young boy seated, reading a Flash comic, and surrounded by several other comics.  This illustration can be seen on the back cover of AWODCC #3.

Superman:  1960s  "The Supershow of Metropolis," by Curt Swan & Stan Kay - Page 41
Reprint of a Superman story from the 1960s.

Costume Party Capers, by Jack C. Harris - Page 49
Coverage of stories involving various super-heroes and costume parties.

For More Information - Page 54
Lists sources of information dealing with comics, comic art, and animation.

Superman’s Photo Album - Page 56
B& W photos from:  Superman Day at the New York World’s Fair, the Superman TV show, the 1966 Superman Broadway musical, and a movie poster for the 1954 theatrical release of "Superman in Exile."

Superman:  1970s  [No Title Given], by Len Wein and Neal Adams - Page 58
An unpublished five page Superman story from the 1970s concerning pollution.  It appears to be printed directly from Adams’ pencils.

The last page of the program is for autographs (as stated in the lower left-hand corner.  It has a bullet of Superman breaking a chain by Swan & Anderson in the upper left hand corner, and one of Batman creeping along under the moonlight by Adams in the lower right-hand corner.  These are the ones that were printed as part of the logo on many of their comics at the time.