AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #15 – Wonder Woman Issue

Volume 4, Number 15 - August 1977

Cover:  Pen and wash sketch of WW's face in background (blue on magenta cover color), full color pencil/ink action shot of WW deflecting a bullet from a bracelet in foreground.  Both images by Mike Nasser - Inside Cover: Editorial by new series editor Cary Burkett, briefly discussing his own fandom background (first comic bought, JLA #1) and the contents of this issue, and requesting reader input on features for future issues.  Illustrated with a small cartoon of Burkett (signed DM – probably Dave Manak) - Back Cover:  Three action images of WW.  One small one (at bottom left) of WW punching out the pillars of a Greek temple-style building, a second small one (at bottom right) of WW lifting a 1000 lb. weight at arms length above her head and one full length  head on shot of WW stepping forwards while deflecting bullets from bracelets.  All three images penciled by Neal Adams and inked by Dick Giordano - Inside Back Cover: Conclusion of the article begun on page 48 (see Page 48).

Table of Contents

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Wonder Woman, by Martin Pasko- Page 2
"A discussion of various aspects in the career of The Amazon Princess, explaining some of the inconsistancies (sic) that have occurred over the years."
Six pages of an attempt to establish a coherent continuity from Silver Age to Bronze Age WW.  Illustrated with art from the comics by Andru/Esposito, Pablo Marcos, Swan/Blaisdell, Bob Brown/Colletta, Swanderson, Heck/Colletta.

DC Super-Stars Of Television, Text by Anthony Tollin. - Page 8
“A fantastic photo album, featuring highlights from the television appearances of DC heroes.”
Seven pages.  Featured are the cast of the George Reeves "Superman" series, Adam West, Burt Ward, Yvonne Craig and Julie Newmar in the "Batman" series", Michael Gray and John Davey in the "Captain Marvel" series, JoAnna Cameron in the "Isis" series, Cathy Lee Crosby in the 1964 WW pilot, Lynda Carter, Lyle Waggoner and Debra Winger in the "WW" series

Wonder Woman's Gallery Of Strange Villains, by Wyatt Gwyon - Page 15
“Some of the most offbeat, bizarre characters anywhere will be found in this article.”
Five pages giving brief descriptions/name checks of waaaay too many WW villains to list (but if you want I can have a go!).  Illustrated by art from the comics by Nick Cardy, Harry Peter, Ric Estrada/Colletta, Andru/Esposito, Heck/Colletta and Jose Delbo.

Remembering with Andru and Esposito, recorded by Cary Burkett - Page 20
“Two of the artists most identified with WW reminisce over their days with The Amazing Amazon.”
Four page interview, illustrated with a photo each of Ross Andru and Mike Esposito and Andru/Esposito art: Four panels from WW issues, one panel from Sea Devils and cover of WW #94.

Center Spread: A look at some of the artists who have drawn WW over the years - Page 24
Two pages of WW action or posed shots by Harry Peter, Heck/Colletta, Andru/Esposito, Jose Delbo/Colletta, Mike Sekowsky and Dick Giordano.

Her Name Is Lynda Carter…And What Else Need Be Said?  Article by Mark Evanier. - Page 26
Three pages, anecdotal fan article illustrated with four publicity stills of Carter (one as WW).

Special Tribute - Four pages of unpublished artwork done by the late John Rosenberger for WW #217 - Page 29
N.B. *Five* pages!  Rosenberger had become the series artist with #215 but died while in the course of drawing #217.  Four pages of pencils, one page reproducing in miniature the same four pages as redrawn by Dick Dillin/Vince Colletta for the published issue.

The Fabulous Females, Text by Mike Gold - Page 34
"A report covering the careers and activities of the DC heroines, as moderated by BATGIRL!”
Five pages - faux transcription of House Sub-Committee on Super-Heroines meeting, chaired by Congresswoman Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon.  Illustrated with pinups/cameo shots, taken from the comics, by Neal Adams, Kurt Schaffenberger, Wally Wood, Gray Morrow, Mike Nasser, Tony DeZuniga, Ramona Fradon, Murphy Anderson, Don Heck, Andru/Esposito, Don Newton, Art Saaf, Jose Delbo, possibly Dick Ayers.

Direct Currents, by Paul Levitz - Page 39
Lists various titles to be published in October 1977 to January 1978, with spot illos of covers.

The Legion Outpost, by Jack C. Harris - Page 44
Three pages of fan submissions for possible legion members (all rejected!).  Illustrated with art from the comics by Curt Swan and Mike Grell, and illos of fan creations by John Workman.

Amazing World Of Letters - Page 47
One page of comments, edited by Bob Rozakis: only one letter due to deadline problems, the rest being Rozakis writing about the 1978 DC Calendar, production schedules for Amazing World Of DC Comics, etc.

Scrapbook  "Rare dailies from the WW newspaper strip by Charles Moulton and Harry G. Peters (sic)" - Page 48
Two pages - page 49 is Inside Back Cover - reprinting a block of six WW daily strips dated 1944.