AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #12 Legion/DC Future Timelines Issue

Indicia:  Volume 3 Number 12 - July 1976 - Published Bi-Monthly with a special edition in February by National Periodical Publications, Inc., 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10019 Copyright 1976 by NPP, Single Copies $1.50.  Annual Subscription (not including special edition) $9.00.  Send all mail orders to AWODCC, P.O. Box 116, Radio City Station, New York NY 10019

Cover: The Legion by Mike Grell.  Pictured are Superboy, Ultra Boy, Mon-El, and Wildfire, as well as Warlord perched on a spaceship shattering a viewport with his sword! - Inside Cover:  A monochrome blue photo of Isis from the TV series - Inside Back Cover:  A monochrome blue photo of the cast of the "Welcome Back Kotter" TV show - Back Cover: A Simonson pin-up drawing of the Metal Men  

Table of Contents

Science Fiction Aspects in Comics, by Dana L. F. Anderson - Page 2
"The story of the science-fiction of the DC super-heroes - or 'whattya mean science-fiction doesn't sell?!'"
Comics issues discussed include (in order):  Flash 120, Showcase 14, Flash 123, Green Lantern 6, 2, 26 & 1, Challengers 1,3-10 & 12, Brave & Bold 34-36, 42 & 44, Showcase 16, 18, 34, 33, 41-42, 44, 46 & 47, 15, House of Mystery 156, Brave & Bold 57, Showcase 37-39, Justice League of America 3, 9, 16, 18, 21 & 22, My Greatest Adventure 80, Doom Patrol 88, 89, 97-99, 102, 108 & 116.

Earth After Disaster, by Paul Levitz - Page 8
"And how the second chapter in our continuing guide to the confusing continuity makes it less of a disaster."
"The pivotal time will be October, 1986 ... and in that month, the future of the world will be decided.  Either the path of the Great Disaster will be taken, and civilization will fall, or the path of sanity will prevail and the Legion of Super-Heroes will emerge triumphant a thousand years later.  Until that crucial moment, however, comics fans will have to deal with the two alternate futures of the DC universe, each of which is chronicled in a different set of magazines."  The Great Disaster is covered, including references to stories and ideas from Hercules Unbound, The Atomic Knights (in Strange Adventures) and  Kamandi.  [Let that be a lesson to anyone who puts such a pivotal moment too near into the future!  DK]

Pages 12 & 13 have a list of "Suggested Readings For a Far-Off Future ", listing story titles and issue numbers that featured characters and concepts discussed in the preceding article.  Titles include:  Strange Adventures, The Forever People, Hercules Unbound, Kamandi, Mister Miracle, New Gods, First Issue Special (#13), Omac, Secret Society of Super-Villians (#2), Superman (#295), and Wonder Woman (#179).

Just for the Grell of it, an interview by Carl Gafford - Page 14
"Behind the scenes with the Legion's extraordinary artist." "Conversations conducted and edited by Carl Gafford"
Has a full-page photo of Grell shaking hands with Robin.

"The Alien Among Us" by Jack Oleck and Grell - Page 19
"A science-fiction thriller from the unpublished files of Weird War Tales."

Confessions of an Overage Comic Book Fanatic, by Michael L. Fleischer - Page 30
"Or how I spent seven years of my life reading comic books - and found Nirvana."

Beginnings: A Series of Strange Adventures, by Jack C. Harris - Page 31

The Legion Outpost, by Carl Gafford - Page 35
"A new regular feature for AWODCC debuts!