AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #5 – Sheldon Mayer Issue

Indicia: Volume 2 Number 5 - March-April 1975 - Published Bi-Monthly by National Periodical Publications, Inc., 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10019 Copyright 1975 by NPP, Single Copies $1.50. Send all mail orders to Amazing World of DC Comics, P.O. Box 116, Radio City Station, New York NY 10019

Cover: Sheldon Mayer cover by Sheldon Mayer (Sheldon Mayer in a self-portrait contemplates the Golden Age with the cover of Comic Cavalcade #23) - Inside Cover: DC Around the World by Allan Asherman (foreign DC Comics shown in Arabic, Scandinavian and Brazilian) - Back Cover: Sugar and Spike (An unpublished page of Sugar & Spike done by Sheldon Mayer) - Inside Back Cover: Amazing World of Puzzles by E. Nelson Bridwell (Crossword puzzle of 28 questions on DC character history)

Table of Contents

Origins of the Golden Age by Anthony Tollin - Page 2
Article on Sheldon Mayer's history in comics with his many contributions and creations that began in the Golden Age.  Photos from his life are included as well as a 1948 strip from "Rational Comics" and a "Sugar & Spike" strip from 1956.

A Few Paragraphs About Sheldon Mayer by Alex Toth - Page 10
Alex Toth talks about his past experiences and relationship with Sheldon Mayer.  Included is a copy of a 1947 letter from Sheldon to Toth.

Strange Schwartz Stories Revisited by Bob Rozakis - Page 13
Letter Page - Robert Bloch (well-known fantasy writer best known for "Psycho", Manly Wade Wellman (well-known author of science fiction) Roy Thomas (Editor and writer for Marvel Comics), and Mike Friedrich (Free-lance writer and editor/publisher of Star-Reach) all contribute letters praising the first issue that features Julie Schwartz.

Direct Currents by Bob Rozakis and Paul Levitz - Page 15
July and August coming attractions.

Hop Harrigan Center Spread, by Jon L. Blummer - Page 24
A pin-up of Hop Harrigan and his friends drawn by Jon L. Blummer but never published until now.

Murray Boltinoff: Profile of a Professional by Allan Asherman and Jack C. Harris - Page 26
Profile of editor Murray Boltinoff on his ideas that make the books under his control top sellers.

Superman Photos - Page 31
12 Exclusive behind-the-scenes 8" X 10" production shots of George Reeves as the television "Man of Steel"(all 12 are shown) offered for sale for $1.00 per photo ($3.00 minimum).  Special bonus - Order 5, get 6. Order 10, get 12. Added attraction - Action-plus shots of the Paramount animated cartoons (featured in AWODCC #1).  Ten 5" X 7" shots for $5.00 (sold only as set). Order form with mail-in address at bottom of the ad.

Sugar and Spike 'Twas Everything Nice by Jack C. Harris - Page 32
Follows the history of the "Sugar and Spike" strip from 1956 to 1971.

Follow that Space Cabby by Tony Isabella - Page 35
Tony Isabella gives a personal look at the fun adventures of the one and only Space-Cabby.  Seventeen panels are rescripted from old panels from the original series from the 1950's.  This article was reprinted with Tony’s permission – it was originally written for a fanzine while he’d been working at Marvel.

Batman Newspaper Strip by E. Nelson Bridwell and Al Plastino (10 and 1/2 pages) - Page 38
Concludes the strips that began in AWODCC #4 (Man-Bat, Robin and Green Arrow appear).

Back issues for sale - Page 48 (bottom half)
AW of DC issues 3-7 are offered for sale on a form to be filled out and mailed in.