1.  The Black Canary (Dinah Drake-Lance), former member of the Justice Society of Earth-Two. Resigned to come to Earth-One and join the Justice League after the death of her husband, Larry Lance.
2.  The Atom of Earth-One (Ray Palmer, physicist and college professor).
  Hawkman of Earth-One (Carter Hall, museum director)
  Hawkgirl of Earth-One (Shiera Hall, Carter's wife)
  The Flash of Earth-One (Barry Allen, police scientist).
  Superman of Earth-One (Clark Kent, TV reporter)
7.  Wonder Woman of Earth-Two (Diana Prince of Military Intelligence; did not lose her powers when the Wonder Woman of Earth-One did.)
8.  The Batman of Earth-One (Bruce Wayne, wealthy philanthropist and director of Victims, Inc. Program)
  The Vigilante (Greg Sanders, former singing Western star, now a security guard)
  The Spectre (Jim Corrigan, detective); a Justice Society member, The Spectre apparently went to his final rest in 1970.
  J'Onn J'Onzz, Manhunter from Mars (once used the Earth identity of John Jones, detective); when his people left their world, Mars, the Martian Manhunter resigned from the J.L.A. to track them through space.
  Dr. Mid-Nite (Dr. Charles McNider); lost normal sight, but gained ability to see in the dark. Sees in the daytime with special infra-red glasses.  A member of the Justice Society.
  Aquaman (born Arthur Curry), King of Atlantis and a J.L.A. member.
  The Green Arrow (Oliver Queen; former millionaire; lost his fortune) - shown wearing his new costume.
  Green Lantern of Earth-One (Hal Jordan, former test pilot, insurance agent, etc.) Has been teaming with Green Arrow lately.
16.  Johnny Thunder (humorist) a Justice Society member who can call a genie-like Thunderbolt to do his bidding with the magic words Cei-U (pronounced "say you").

17.  Robin of Earth-Two (Richard Grayson); older than his Earth-One counterpart, this Robin is a grown man, taking over for a semi-retired Batman.  A J.S.A. member.
18.  Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt.
19.  Superman of Earth-Two (Clark Kent, now editor of the Daily Star)
20.  Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson, archaeologist)
21.  Mr. Terrific (financier Terry Sloan), Master of arts and sciences; a Justice Society member.
22.  The Green Lantern of Earth-Two (Alan Scott, broadcasting executive)
23.  The Batman of Earth-Two (Bruce Wayne, socialite) - now semi-retired.
24.  The new Red Tornado of Earth-Two-an android created by an evil scientist.  He has become a kind of honorary J.S.A. member.
25.  The Starman (Ted Knight, astronomer); Created a gravity rod-now improved as a cosmic rod-which draws power from the stars.  A J.S.A. member.
26.  Wildcat (Ted Grant, retired heavyweight champ)  A J.S.A. member.
27.  .  Hourman (Rex Tyler, president of Tyler Chemical Company)
28.  The Sandman (Wesley Dodds, socialite); here shown in his original costume, which he has gone back to. For a while he wore a different outfit, which you'll find in the Golden Age tales in Forever People.
29.  Johnny Quick (Johnny Chambers, news photographer)
30.  The Atom of Earth-Two (Al Pratt, college professor)
31.  Wonder Woman of Earth-One (just plain Diana Prince since she lost her super-powers-but still dynamite in a fight!)
32.  The Flash of Earth-Two (Jay Garrick, research scientist)
33.  Robin of Earth-One (Dick Grayson, college student)
34.  The Hawkman of Earth-Two (scientist Carter Hall)