1.  SUPERMAN (Clark Kent) - The star of this issue (as if you didn't know!).
  THE HAWKMAN (Carter Hall) - This is the Earth-2 Hawkman, a reincarnation of the Egyptian Prince Khufu, who, with his love, Shiera, was betrayed and sacrificed to the Hawk-God by the evil Hath-Set.  Reborn in our own time, the three met again, and this time, disguising himself in a costume that resembled the Hawk-God, Carter slew his foe.  He flew with the marvelous Ninth Metal he discovered.  Curiously, the story reprinted in this issue gives The Hawkman a different origin.
3.  HAWKGIRL (Shiera Sanders) - The Hawkman's partner: the origin of her winged identity is told in this issue.
  SUPERGIRL (Linda Lee Danvers; born Kara Zor-El) - Superman's cousin, now starring in Adventure Comics.
5.  THE SHINING KNIGHT (Justin) While fighting a giant in the far north, Sir Justin, of King Arthur's court, was frozen in the ice, only to be thawed in the 20th century.
6.  THE SPECTRE (Jim Corrigan) - Murdered by criminals, Jim -Corrigan returned from the next world to avenge himself and save his sweetheart's life.  He remained on Earth as The Spectre, to combat evil.
7.  THE RED TORNADO - An android created to battle the Justice.  Society of Earth-2, The Red Tornado in- stead used his powers to aid them.  Do not confuse him with the original Red Tornado, who was a woman and had no super-abilities.
  DOCTOR FATE (Kent Nelson) - A wealthy archeologist.  Now a medical doctor; he learned the secrets of ancient Egypt and Chaldea from Nabu, a wise man from another world who had brought these mysteries to Earth thousands of years ago.  The story in this issue was written and drawn before Doctor Fate's secret identity was established.
  KID ETERNITY - A boy who was aboard a torpedoed ship during World War II.  Reporting to Eternity, he was admitted by mistake: he really had a long life coming to him.  He was compensated with fantastic powers, including the ability to call the great figures of history and literature to his aid.
10.  MR. KEEPER - Former Keeper of the gate of Eternity, till he let the Kid in by mistake.  Then appointed Kid Eternity's guardian.
  THE RAY (Happy Terrill) - A reporter given amazing light powers by a freak stroke of lightning.

12.  JOHNNY QUICK (Johnny Chambers) - A newsreel photographer who can gain fantastic speed and flying powers by reciting a secret formula.
  THE BLACK RACER (Willie Walker) - A former G.I., paralyzed in action, unable to move or speak-until he is called by The Source.  Then he becomes the figure of Death itself, skimming through the sky to, bring death wherever fate decrees.  He appears in The New Gods.
14.  STARMAN (Ted Knight) - Using the Gravity Rod he invented, Ted could use energy from the stars to do fantastic feats.  He has since improved the Gravity Rod, which he now calls a Cosmic Rod.
15.  THE BLACK CONDOR (Senator Tom Wright) - A mysterious figure who battles crime with his amazing winged costume and black ray gun.
16.  J'ONN J'ONZZ, MANHUNTER FROM MARS (Formerly detective John Jones) - Stranded on Earth when he was accidentally teleported from Mars, J'Onn took an Earth identity and used his powers secretly till another Martian used a weapon on him which made it impossible to use his other powers when invisible.  Later he returned to Mars to find his civilization wiped out.  His people fled into space.  He set out to find them.  You can learn the next step in his life in World's Finest Comics #212.
  HAWKMAN of Earth-I (Katar Hol, alias Carter Hall) - A policeman from another world (Thanagar) who originally established himself on Earth to learn our police methods.
18.  HAWKGIRL of Earth-I (Shayera, alias Shiera Hall) - Katar's wife and assistant, both in crime- fighting and in his Earth identity as a museum director.
  LIGHTRAY - One of The New Gods.  He is currently on Earth, using his light powers to aid Orion in his war against Darkseid's evil forces from the planet Apokolips, which is at war with Lightray's home world, New Genesis.
20.  GREEN LANTERN of Earth-I (Hal Jordan) - Chosen by one of the Green Lanterns of the Universe, who was dying, Hal became his replacement.  He gets his power ring and the battery which he uses to charge the ring every 24 hours from the Guardians of the Universe.
21.  GREEN LANTERN of Earth-II (Alan Scott)-A mysterious green meteor landed on Earth, to flash three times - once to destroy murderers, once to restore a madman's mind, and once to give Alan Scott, railroad engineer, the mystic powers of The Green Lantern, once it was made into a ring and power lamp, Alan then became a radio (later TV) announcer.