AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS # 8 – Infantino Issue

Volume 2, Number 8 - Sept/Oct 1975

Cover: Infantino with Adam Strange, Jay-Flash, Grodd, Barry-Flash, and Batman at the editors table. Infantino says "Grodd, Show some respect -- and put the banana down!". Infantino drawn (of course) - Inside Cover: "The Story Behind the Cover", by Bob Rozakis - Back Cover: Reproduction of a Superman of America membership card (Bob Rozakis' actually) - Inside Back Cover: 4 Infantino strips from a series called "Hometown".

Table of Contents 

The Incredible Infantino, by Bob Rozakis and Jack C. Harris - Page 2
An overview of Infantino's career with some nice sketches (and a reproduction of the cover of "Batman from the 30s to the 70s"). Also has sketches for a children’s show -- "The Big Top".

The Infantino Nobody Knows, by Mike W. Barr - Page 10
Another retrospective with sketches and history.

The Wild World of Superman, by Allan Asherman and friends - Page 13
Photo stills from "Atom Man vs. Superman" with funny thought and word balloons.

Batman in "The Joker's Happy Victims", by Carmine Infantino & Murphy Anderson - Page 14
Reproduction of a 6-page Infantino/Anderson story that was given away in boxes of Pop-tarts as part of a DC promotion during the 60's.

What's a Nice Guy Like Adam Strange Doing on a Strange Planet Like That, by Jack C. Harris - Page 20
A fan's history of Adam Strange.

Map of Rann, by Jack C. Harris - Page 24 

The Amazing World of Letters, by Bob Rozakis - Page 26
Letter Column -- didn't recognize any names though.

Confidential Report on the Rogues Gallery, by Carl Gafford - Page 28
Dossier on every member of the Rogues Gallery done in the style of a parole report.  Includes Mirror Master, Abra Kadabra, Captain Cold, The Trickster, The Top, Captain Boomerang, The Weather Wizard, Vandal Savage, Grodd, and Mr. Element/Dr. Alchemy.

Direct Currents - Page 32
Has an ad for Superman vs. Spiderman as well as Rudolph's Christmas Special, Christmas with the Superheroes, and the return of the JSA with the Super Squad (All Star 58) and the Blackhawks (issue 244).

Yesteryear,, by E. Nelson Bridwell - Page 41
40, 30 & 20 years ago retrospective.

40 years ago - New Fun #1, 30 years ago - The end of WW2(!) -- the first Superboy and the last Seven Soldiers of Victory, 20 years ago - The Brave and the Bold #1 and the first J'onn J'onzz -- also Daniel Boone, Frontier Fighters and Falling in Love.

The Haphazard History of Boston Brand, by Paul Levitz - Page 43
A history of Deadman which tries to straighten out his history and includes a suggested chronology for all of his appearances to that point.

Badges, Buttons and Secret Codes, Too, by Anthony Tollin - Page 46
A look back at DC's clubs for kids -- The Supermen of America, The Junior Justice Society (the article has a reproduction of Roy Thomas' membership card).